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Look at What Just a FEW of Our Students Are Saying!

" I AM ready to fly. In fact I've been flying all along, and thanks to Victor and all of you beautiful souls I am ready to acknowledge my wings, my true potential. We all truly are spiritual warriors."

- Nicole

" Vic, I cant thank you and the group enough for this experience.

Vic, you are a beautiful soul helping so many in ways you may never know. Thanks for what you do. "

-  Kelly
There is something uniquely personable about Victor Oddo.

His ability to create a natural and non-judgemental environment for idea exchange and stories of life adventures make his clients feel comfortable talking about anything.

Vic’s mentoring classes keep me centered while encourage forward movement. He supports those of us who might otherwise be turned off by the craziness and strangeness of the whole awakening process. Vic is a real badass.

- Ruth
I contacted Victor because his videos have really helped me, and I thought his coaching could help further. 

Victor helped me establish a routine that kept me more grounded and tranquil throughout the day. 

It was easy to talk to him about some of my issues and his advice helped. I'd recommend Victor to anyone who thinks they are struggling with awakening ailments and need guidance .

- Draven
Before working with Victor, I felt alone and hopeless. I didn't have anyone to talk to about my ascension symptoms, and I was having trouble functioning. 

Victor helped me motivate myself to get in shape spiritually, mentally, and physically. His insight proves to be beyond helpful every time I speak with him. I still struggle, but the strategies and skills he's helped me develop are life-changing. 

It feels like I've made a friend. (you have brother!) - Vic

- Ryan

Working with Vic came for me with cosmic timing, as usual. My entire life situation had changed in the two months previous. When I got sick I chose to leave London, my apartment, my wife and my friends to go recover. I left most of what I was familiar with and went back to my parents. I was beat, broke, sick and realizing I’d been living a life that was not authentic to me. 

Having done a decade of therapy and other stuff I have great insight into why I do what I do. Here’s the difference; in the 8 months working with Vic the focus has been solely on forward movement.

- Mark
Viktor truly helped me when I felt lost in what was going on spiritually within me. 

With Victors guidance and support I feel that I wasn't alone and I now have more tools to go forward personally and spiritually.

Thank you, 

- Sebastian


I’m so grateful for your class and it has been one of the best experiences in my life. I think the best part about it is you taught us how to find our purpose through our own selves. Your class went beyond what I thought possible and expected. I can’t wait to work on my vision and keep learning and reflecting! 

In gratitude,

- Melanie
Thank you Victor for helping me power through this awakening and breaking through to my full potential.

- Tiffany
ONE TIME OFFER Just $14: Learn the POWERFUL morning rituals that will put you into a state of ease, flow, and spiritual connectedness (in 5 minutes or less). Check *YES* to add Empowered Empath Morning Ritual Program to your order now - for only $14 (not available anywhere at this price).

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